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A Book on High Speed Rail
Fast Trains: America's High Speed Future is a synthesis of ideas and research gathered over the years by Emy Louie, Director of Public Outreach for the US High Speed Rail Association.  The book covers the history of high speed rail around the world and brings to life how people use high speed rail in a series of narratives.
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Other Maps
The following are maps of existing passenger rail and mass transit service
California Rail Map
Northeast US Rail Map

This US High Speed Rail System concept is made by Alfred Twu.  Email: mail -at-  See more work at
Maps is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License.  Information for map draws on ideas from various agencies and advocacy groups including Amtrak, The Transport Politic, Wikimedia Commons, Florida High Speed Rail, SkyscraperPage Forums, Southern High Speed Rail, Southeast High Speed Rail, Ohio Department of Transportation, California High Speed Rail Authority, Midwest High Speed Rail Association, US DOT Federal Railroad Administration, Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation Corp.  Good Times font by Larabie Fonts.
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