Housing Tarot: The Suit of Missions

Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, Mission style is common throughout California. These buildings represent water, emotion, romance, culture, and family. Look for the succulents and the checkerboard tile sidewalks.

Accessory Dwelling Unit of Missions

A rainbow path leads to an in-law unit with a hot tub. New love, joy, connection, and feelings.

Upright: Starter homes, Family,

Hot tubs. Reversed: Kids moving out, Relationship drama, Dirtiness.

Duplex of Missions

Two different families moved into this duplex ‘s opposite units, but now live and play together. They develop a deep connection and relationship.

Upright: Cultural pride, Cooperation, Shared resources.

Reversed: Nationalism, Unequal relationships, Water rights disputes.

Triplex of Missions

A duplex becomes a triplex with the conversion of the garage into another apartment. Connection, closeness, and growth.

Upright: Design for people instead of cars, Closeness, Birbs.

Reversed: Overcrowding, Lack of privacy, Infestations.

Fourplex of Missions

A large suburban tract house is remodeled into a fourplex. Retreating emotionally, stuck inside one’s own emotional world.

Upright: Adaptive reuse, Modest living standards, Conservation.

Reversed: Downward mobility, Loss, Rationing.

Fiveplex of Missions

Tenants of a gentrifying bungalow court organize a rent strike. The heartbreak card. Disappointment and distress.

All is not lost.

Upright: Tenant unions, Unity in face of crisis, Rent strikes.

Reversed: Landlord-tenant conflict, Desparate times, Evictions.

Sixplex of Missions

This six-unit building has a bit of whimsy to it, including a treehouse in the back. Mutual aid, taking care of each other.

Upright: Playgrounds, Fun, Maker culture.

Reversed: Juvenile delinquency, Not taking things seriously, Unpermitted construction.

Sevenplex of Missions

In the back courtyard of the ornate apartment, an event takes place. Is it a wedding or something else? Fantasy and addiction. Wearing rose-colored glasses that obscure the truth.

Upright: Faith based institutions, Ritual and ceremony, Two communities joining.

Reversed: Social conservatism, Conspicuous consumption, Heteronormativity.

Eightplex of Missions

Alongside a street fair, a fanciful building rises from a base looking like rock caves. Knowing when to leave something that is not serving you.

Upright: Street fairs, The arts, Cultural exchange.

Reversed: Detours, Inpracticality, Tourist traps.

Card artwork inspiration: The Enclave, Berkeley

Nineplex of Missions

Behind the courtyard apartment, orchards fill the rear yard. Wish fullfillment in all areas.

Upright: Urban agriculture, Holisitic systems, Food culture.

Reversed: Landscaping water use, Cost overruns, Snobbery.

Card artwork inspiration: Apartment building on 2800 block of Hillegass Avenue, Berkeley

Tenplex of Missions

The shade of the courtyard offers peace within. Having everything one needs and more. Joy, fulfillment, community, and peace.

Upright: Self contained, Perfection, Pleasant shade.

Reversed: Failure to adjust, Exclusivity, Dark shadows.

Mixed Use Building of Missions

This mixed use community has apartments, townhouses, and small businesses. Learning how to feel all the feelings and integrate them.

Upright: Community serving retail, Pursuing a dream, Old world charm.

Reversed: High prices, Unrealistic goals, Cookie cutter development.

Transit Oriented Development of Missions

Apartments sit in front of a large train station. Open to new experiences and feelings. Jumping in before looking.

Upright: Regional connections, The romance of travel, Trains.

Reversed: Divided neighborhoods, Displacement, Intersections.

Card artwork inspiration: Los Angeles Union Station

Dormitory of Missions

A large dorm rises at the top of the hill, built to bring together students from around the world. Acts as a leader who provides nurture, sensitivity, and warmth.

Upright: International exchange,

Peace, Partnership. Reversed: Cultural hegemony, Heirarchy, Ivory towers.

Card artwork inspiration: International House, Berkeley

Social Housing of Missions

This housing block steps down to provide a series of terraces resembling a hill town. Ability to be in charge and handle turmoil with grace.

Upright: Sense of Place, Creativity, Uniqueness.

Reversed: Predetermined destiny, Bad compromises, Elitism.