Housing Tarot: The Suit of Victorians

Victorian style buildings have elaborate ornament and dramatic roofs. They represent air, intellect, views, the past, and government. Look for the small flowers and circular sidewalk pattern.

Accessory Dwelling Unit of Victorians

A train depot finds a second life as an accessory dwelling unit, complete with an updated sign. It represents communication and creating something new.

Upright: Landmarks, Storytelling, Journeys of the imagination.

Reversed: Arcane preservation laws, Confusion, Bygone ways of life.

Duplex of Victorians

A garage lives a double life, on one side, a guest space, on the other, a workshop. The two spaces represent communication and the duality of what is presented to the word and what remains inaccessible to others.

Upright: Live/Work, Flexibility, Garage startups.

Reversed: Industrial nuisances, Chaos, Jobs-housing inbalance.

Triplex of Victorians

Three matching rowhouses line a street, backyards separated by fences. Gossip, heartache, and communication breakdown.

Upright: Private property rights, Individualism, Homeowner associations.

Reversed: Legal disputes, Secrecy and lack of trust, Gossip.

Card artwork inspiration: DC Rowhouse Pin by Juliet Eldred

Fourplex of Victorians

A pair of greystone duplexes sits in front of garden boxes. A restorative retreat, not one of isolation, but one of much internal reflection and rest.

Upright: Community gardens, Healing, Recreation.

Reversed: Shrinking cities, Decline, Postapocalypse.

Card artwork inspiration: Chicago Greystone Pin by Juliet Eldred

Fiveplex of Victorians

NIMBYs and YIMBYs argue over whether to have taller buildings. An impasse, prioritizing logic and ideals over compromise, feelings and resolution.

Upright: Democracy, Debate Elections.

Reversed:Rumors, Conflict, Impasse.

Card artwork inspiration: The large apartment building next to the Alamo Square Painted Ladies, San Francisco

Sixplex of Victorians

A pair of triple deckers. A surveyor lays out more homes in the back. Travel, movement, shifting perspective.

Upright: Phased development, Careful planning, Land value tax.

Reversed: Lengthy processes, Conformity, Enclosing the commons.

Card artwork inspiration: Triple Decker Pin by Juliet Eldred

Sevenplex of Victorians

After years of remodels and expansions, an old mansion becomes an apartment building. Despite efforts to preserve the mansion, change was inevitable.

Upright: Living history, Charitable institutions, Group homes.

Reversed: Haunted houses, Scandals, Habitability problems.

Eightplex of Victorians

Half this building is still a proper Victorian while the other half is a hippie crash pad. Self-imposed bondage and restraints. Limiting beliefs. Psychological limitations projected as an external reality.

Upright: Hippies, Sudden change, Rebelling against a previous generation.

Reversed: Hipsters, Cultural clash, Commodification of the arts.

Nineplex of Victorians

Behind an old building, archaeologists dig up the backyard. Self-excavation. Digging up the skeletons in the closet.

Upright: Archaeology, Making peace with the past, Interpretative displays.

Reversed: Historic districts, Dark secrets, Forgotten lessons.

Tenplex of Victorians

A huge antenna tops this building. Down below, a leafblower is used on the lawn. Reaching new heights. Anxiety and fear occurring before a transformation.

Upright: Upper middle class, The comforts of home, Media representation.

Reversed: Inequality, Boredom, Media addiction.

Mixed Use of Victorians

Bustling blocks like this are the building blocks of many a great city. New opportunities are being created. New avenues for learning begin.

Upright: Merchants, Opportunity, Successful businesses.

Reversed:Hucksters, Scams, Capitalism.

Transit Oriented Development of Victorians

Cities grow where different forms of transportation meet. This enables messages to be delivered and necessary communication to occur.

Upright: Transportation hubs, Choices, Fast pace of life.

Reversed: Traffic jams, Uncertainty, Feeling rushed.

Dormitory of Victorians

A classic college quad, with dorms from various centuries - or at least the appearance of. Young, inquiring minds, eager to solve all the problems.

Upright: Liberal arts colleges, Specialization, Academic traditions.

Reversed: Town and gown conflicts, Lack of common sense, Country clubs.

Social Housing of Victorians

A cupola adds a bit of formality to a large housing block. Know your truth. Communicate it into existence.

Upright: Broad prosperity, Grandeur, Planned economy.

Reversed: Consumerism, Showing off, Vanity projects.