High Speed Rail Board Game

The High Speed Rail Board Game is a fast (60 minute), fun, and educational game for 2 to 6 players where you negotiate with other politicians to bring high speed rail to your voters. Featuring innovative gameplay mechanics designed to capture the wheeling and dealing in infrastructure politics, the High Speed Rail Game takes a simple, interactive approach: when it's your turn to lay new track, you'll ask the other players for proposals and pick one to go with. With games averaging an hour and randomized starts, it's designed to please everyone from the experienced gamer to your housemates.

Best of all, the game can be downloaded for free here! Game is Creative Commons licensed (CC-BY-2.0) by Alfred Twu. The game is a Print and Play, you will need to print 3 letter-size pages, one 11x17, and one letter-sized transparency (available at most copy shops).

Hard copies can now be ordered from The Game Crafter.

Rate the game or discuss strategy at the US High Speed Rail Game BoardGameGeek page.

Thank you to our playtesters and Kickstarter supporters for making this game a reality! Our sponsors include Growtrains.org, Tell DC to Fund High Speed Trains: JustBuildIt.org, Cliff Dunn, and Richard Lemence.


Italian translation by Fabio Piovesan. Want to translate it into another language? Contact Alfred at mail at firstcultural.com

Game Cards and Map

US High Speed Rail game map

Gameplay Images

San Francisco 2030
click for enlarged California Rail Map
California Middle Earth